Saturday, January 5, 2013

30 Years - Where did the time go???

Happy New Year Warriors!! 2013 - It's the year of our 30 Year Reunion! The dates have been set as have the basic details. We will be kicking off on Friday Night August 2nd, 2013 at the Meridian Firefighters Annual Salmon BBQ held at Meridian Speedway. Saturday night will be a dinner/dance and Sunday will be a family picnic. Venues for Saturday and Sunday are currently being reviewed. We will have additional events depending on what the interests are and who is willing to volunteer to organize them. We will be utilizing for our online registration. Please see the LINKS FOR MORE REUNION INFORMATION at the bottom and to the right of this post and log in to to update your information. Your name should already be added to our class. We will be creating a memory book based on the info you enter into and we will also use that for any bulk e-mailings we need to do so please make sure you put in a valid email address. We will also be posting information to since so many people know to go there and we have a facebook page for the actual reunion and a facebook group for the planning. PLEASE spread the word to help make sure as many people as possible get the news. We are not planning on doing any mailings (other than e-mail) and we aren't going to be calling people either so we all need to be passing this information on to our friends that can't get online to check one of the websites. MORE details as they are ready.... and I will try to figure out how to create a paragraph before the next update :)